03 November 2011

Unity flag

It's known as the Unity Flag

People are being played by mainstream media - it's not a Mohawk Warriors flag,
it's a Unity flag.
Read and please inform yourself.

The flag (image above) which is falsely labelled by the mainstream media, activists, and even some Natives as the Mohawk Warriors flag, is the Unity flag. It represents the coming together of all peoples of the Original Nations of Great Turtle Island, North America, A'nowara'ko:wa.

The flag itself was inspired by Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall who designed it. See the original artwork (third sketch down on the left).

Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall also created a painting of "The Indian Flag -- Designed for all Indian Nations. Single feather means 'all of one mind'. Deganawida wanted all Indians to be under the Great Law of Peace (Kaiahereh'ko:wa). Equality for all Indian Nations."

You will note the "Warrior" wears one single feather, and has long hair. Long hair was not worn traditionally by Mohawks. Nor do Mohawks wear a single feather. The short-haired version, which also shows a man with a single feather, doesn't depict a Mohawk either. It depicts an Indigenous man, and represents Unity, that's why it's known as the Unity flag.

The long-haired version of the Unity flag, sometimes called the Mi'kmaq Warrior flag, was first carried by the Mi'kmaq L'nuk peoples at Burnt Church.

According to Iroquoian tradition and traditions of some other Original nations, all adult males are warriors. That's not exclusive to a gender either, since women also can choose / be chosen to be warriors. That word, "Warrior" is a very bad translation of the word Rotihskenhrakehte which means "men who carry the bones on their backs" (according to some sources), it also means "those who carry the peace". It could be interpreted as those who bear the burden put on men from time immemorial to protect the women, the children, the elders, to protect and defend the land and the Original peoples from those who would do harm; it is a responsibility and commitment to generations past and future generations "the coming faces". It also signifies a committment to maintaining peace which includes peaceful relationship with others.

It's also the duty of the men of the community. We don't have a military, we don't have soldiers, we don't have paid mercenaries, we don't hire security guards: we have the men of our community, of our communities, of our nations: our brothers, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, husbands, our sons, nephews, and grandsons who are charged with this. The original homeland security are our relations.


credit for image of painting google cache of kahnawakelonghouse.com

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