25 April 2010

NZ reverses opposition to UN DRIP

History is made!
New Zealand reverses opposition to U.N. Declaration on Indigenous Rights, U.S. reviewing stance
Kenneth Deer
Exclusive to Turtle Island News

UNITED NATIONS NEW YORK, N.Y.-The government of New Zealand announced its support for the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Monday at the opening ceremonies of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

New Zealand was one of the four governments that voted against the Declaration on September 13, 2007, along with Canada, Australia and the United States. This is good news for all Indigenous Peoples around the world as the Declaration becomes more and more entrenched in the UN system and supported by more states. Now that it changed its vote, and with Australia already endorsing the Declaration, that leaves Canada and the United States. Canada has announced in the recent Throne Speech that it intends to endorse the Declaration but when that will happen is not clear. The next possible date would be June 21st on Canada's National Aboriginal Day. That would leave the United States as the only country in the UN that has not endorsed the Declaration.

Sunday, April 25, 2010 - 11:54 AM
Turtle Island News

08 April 2010

The Great Good Way


Ayonwatha Wampum Belt

known to the European invaders & settlers as
"The Iroquois Constitution" ~ "The Great Law of Peace"

This translation of Kaianereh'ko:wa should only be read
as a guide to understanding what it is about.

Part 1

The Great Binding Law
Rights, Duties and Qualifications of Lords
Election of Pine Tree Chiefs
Names, Duties and Rights of War Chiefs

Part 2

Clans and Consanguinity
Official Symbolism
Laws of Adoption
Laws of Emigration
Rights of Foreign Nations

Part 3

Rights and Powers of War
Treason or Secession of a Nation
Rights of the People of the Five Nations
Religious Ceremonies Protected
The Installation Song
Protection of the House
Funeral Addresses

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