19 November 2009

A'nowara'ko:wa news feed


To update, yes the news feed from the A'nowara'ko:wa yahoogroup was hijacked by a spammer again.

We are working on getting the yahoogroup restored.

O:nen ki'wahi, Later


Update, once again yahoogroups restored the group promptly; however we decided not to continue the newsfeed here on this blog but elsewhere.

18 November 2009

A'nowara'ko:wa eGroup

Looks like the A'nowara'ko:wa eGroup has gone missing again. We have no idea why; what happened the last time happened again.

So far it doesn't look like the news feed has been hijacked like the last time, but we're keeping an eye on it.

Stay tuned for further announcements.

26 October 2009

Indigenous Sovereignty Week 24 - 31 Oct 2009

Indigenous Sovereignty Week builds community-based resistance
By Greg Macdougall | October 26, 2009

In November of last year, Indigenous activists and allies from across Canada came together in Winnipeg to form Defenders of the Land, a network of Indigenous communities and activists in land struggle across Canada.

Out of this network came a call for a pan-Canadian event, Indigenous Sovereignty Week, which is now upon us. Close to 30 cities and communities across Canada (and even a few in the United States) will be holding public events from Oct. 24 to Nov. 1.

The purpose of this week is to build local relationships between groups and individuals, disseminate ideas and generally contribute to building a cross-Canada movement for Indigenous rights, self-determination, and justice that is led by Indigenous communities but with a broad base of informed support.

Activities throughout the week include: speakers, panels, workshops, films, community tours, feasts, and performance art, music, and spoken word. A wide range of issues will be covered, but relate to four main themes: Struggles for Indigenous rights and self-determination; Indigenous knowledge, culture and identity; Indigenous peoples and the environment; history of Indigenous-Canadian relations.

Arthur Manuel is an Indigenous activist who will be part of the ISW speakers tour, visiting different communities on different days to help educate people and spread the word.

Manuel is from the Neskonlith Indian Band of the Secwepemc Nation (in British Columbia), and is leader of the Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade, which works with people on the community level and also internationally towards recognition of Aboriginal title and treaty rights.

Having been in the struggle his entire life and generations before (he's the son of George Manuel, one of the first presidents of the National Indian Brotherhood, which later became the Assembly of First Nations), Manuel has become involved with Defenders of the Land and Indigenous Sovereignty Week because he sees the importance of activists standing up to the government and educating the public, "I believe that establishment Indian organizations, [through] the courts and all that, we've actually pushed the system as much as we can through establishment mechanisms."

Manuel adds, "We've won the past 20 years: constitutionally, judicially, internationally [United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples -- UNDRIP], economically [WTO ruling on Aboriginal title and treaty rights], but we haven't been able to get recognition on the ground" on issues such as mining, the tar sands, and the development of ski resorts.

Manuel feels that community-based resistance is what is needed, "That's where the real pressure is, for pushing the government -- through action." For examples of effective action, he cites the examples of Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwg (KI) protests (in Northern Ontario) against platinum drilling (which led to jail time for six KI leaders and then an overturning of their sentences) and also the resistance to the Sun Peaks Ski Resort in Secwepemc Territory, just outside of Kamloops, B.C.

He also emphasizes education and outreach, and stresses the position of the Canadian government in not signing the UNDRIP nor respecting Aboriginal rights:

"The real question is, 'do Canadians really accept what Canada is doing? They're undermining Canadians' credibility regarding human rights. You can't cherry pick: if you believe in human rights, you believe in them across the board. Accepting the UNDRIP is a question of maturity: are we a mature country of settlers and Indigenous people sitting down to deal with these issues?"

Arthur Manuel has a clear idea of where real change with respect to Indigenous rights is going to come from.

"The real people who are going to raise those questions are activists. Establishment organizations are not being taken seriously because they literally are taking too much [political] money from the government."

Greg Macdougall is active in Ottawa with IPSMO (Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa). He is also a member of Common Cause, the provincial anarchist organization and runs the EquitableEducation.ca project.

Source rabble.ca news

03 October 2009

Group and news service restored

As it turns out, the group was not so much deleted as hijacked. Thanks to yahoo customer service for prompt restoration of the A'nowara'ko:wa News Service group on their service!

01 October 2009

New Akwesasne Peoples Fire website

Apparently the Akwesasne Womens Fire website was hijacked since this past summer. The following is from Mohawk Nation News:

MNN forward. The Akwesasne Womens Fire website was hijacked by non-native camel, Monica Lamb Peters. She is posting their flakey cult trash and fraudulently soliciting donations on behalf of the genuine people who are involved in the international border issue. They unsuccessfully tried to retrieve it. The people had to set up a new one, akwesasnepeoplesfire.com 1-613-937-1813. They need materials for a modest building: windows, insulation, etc. ... [Ed. MNN]

28 September 2009

More deletions of News Service groups

More deletions of Indigenous News Service groups by google and yahoo

Today we discovered there have been more group deletions, not only at yahoo but at google as well.

The A'nowara'ko:wa News from Great Turtle Island group was an old one that had no new posts since April 2008, which was when the group and service was moved to yahoo groups. It's been deleted, apparently by google, although cached post blurbs from the group still appear in a google search and probably will for awhile.

Also deleted was the group at yahoo set up to archive posts and make announcements about the old Six Nations Reclamation Information message board, which was taken over by a spammer April 2009. That's pretty much all that was on that group, information that reclamationinfo dot com had been taken over by a spammer who has stolen the writings of the Six Nations Haudenosaunee Confederacy and has inserted spam links throughout the text. And yet yahoo apparently deleted the group that alerts people to not visit that domain because it is now a spam site, what are we to make of this?

About google groups, please note that when it comes to categorising a group by region, while they list other continents, according to google North America does not exist. Nor is there any category for Indigenous on their groups service.

To whomever or whatever is engaging themselves in attempting to erase all groups dealing with news and announcements about Indigenous peoples of North America you're really wasting your time, because you will not win! Indigenous peoples are not going to be silenced, censored, coerced into assimilating, and they are not going away.

Even though the Harper government of British Canada ("Canada, Inc.") was one of only four (now three and soon to be two) governments who refused to sign the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples -- and note, they refused to sign while at the same time saying the document had no real effect, if that were true they would have signed it -- they are still bound to it internationally. There was no veto power given to British Canada ("Canada, Inc."), they were overwhelmingly outvoted by the 147 countries who did vote for it.

By the way, deletion of these groups is a minor annoyance at best; we have the archives backed-up in several places. The lesson we've learned having to deal with oppressive, tyrannical censors is always make two or more copies of everything and make sure at least one copy is secure. Just in case it's needed some rainy day.

The whole reason for starting these Indigenous News Service groups to begin with was because of censorship by the mainstream media. Mainstream media news sources in British "Canada" were allowing hateful, racist comments to mainstream media news articles by "white" supremacists, Neo-Nazis and other haters and hate groups to stand, while not allowing or deleting any comment by a "Native" (Indigenous) person or even a "non-Native" supporter of the rights of Indigenous peoples. Our News Service groups allowed comments by anyone who cared to comment!

We might be down for awhile, but we're definitely not out! Indigenous voices will not be silenced!

A'nowara'ko:wa News Service

The Syndicated News Service has been suspended after deletion of the yahoogroups it was hosted at by yahoo.

We received no warning about this, but since it was at yahoogroups, this really is no surprise.

Nor have any of the archives really been "lost" as everything usually is backed up in several places.

At best this is a temporary inconvenience. Further announcements will follow.


Update 3 Oct 2009: Group has been restored ...

25 April 2009

Great Turtle Island - Indigenous News

News of interest to/by/about the Original people of Great Turtle Island ("North America")